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1 year 5 months and above

Our Toddlers enjoy safe and protective surroundings to explore and develop new abilities. Small and Large muscle coordination is developed through outside and inside free play.

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Pre Nursery

2 years 5 months and above

Children at this age make great development studies and our program focuses on creating a consistency and routine. Our prime focus is on group activities and plenty of outdoor activities apart from basic academic training.



3 years 5 months and above

Children are engaged in problem solving conflict managing and self regulation. Children learn to develop are skills such as Gross and Fine Motor skills, Languauge and Literacy, Cognitive and Intellectual abilities, Social and Emotional skills.



4 years 5 months and above

The program gives ample academic challenges that will leaves your child well prepared to transition into elementary school life.


Day Care

Our Day Care Program is specifically designed to provide the warmth and care of a home away from home. Keeping in mind the physical, social, intellectual, creative and emotional needs of the child (appropriate to each age). Our daycare program aims to help our children explore and enjoy their learning abilities. We constantly work towards encouraging our children to come out of their shell. When you send your child to Ramagya Firststeps, you know they are in for a structured day: Play,
nap, eat, play, snack etc. and you also know they are with trained professionals.


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