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Chairman's Message

Dr Sanjay Gupta


Ramagya Group

We at Ramagya believe in what – UNICEF believes about education that it should help young people develop life-skills as life –skills have the potential of transforming lives of the learners so our constant endeavour is to hire character and train the consequent skill.
Education of today has a twin purpose –firstly, it should teach us to make a living and Secondly, to teach us, to live independently. Therefore, learning how to learn is one of the most important life – skills and at Ramagya we emphasize that children must be taught how to think and not what to think. Such skills will equip our students to have a better tomorrow.
We believe that education is not to reform students or amuse them or to make them expert technicians but it should widen their horizons, inflame their intellect and teach them to think lateral thus education is a lifelong process, the best to be pursued by watching, by praising and above all by setting examples.

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